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In ” How to Flirt with a Girl “  we dedicated to give help to man who are strugling with flirting.

Fear of rejection stems from many sources. Men who’ve been turned down one too many times suffer from low self esteem. They feel unworthy of beautiful women, and as a result, they don’t even bother trying anymore. However you slice it, fear of rejection is almost an epidemic, and it needs to stop.

But is it really possible to overcome such a fear?

The truth of the matter is no, but you can learn to manage it. Men from all walks of life suffer from the same handicap when it comes to approaching women; some just handle it better than others.

So what is the best way to tackle the fear of rejection?

To answer this question, I’d like to share with you a technique I learned a few years back. The premise behind this method is simple…just do it. By throwing caution to the wind, you drastically increase your chances of success.

Allowing the fear of rejection to rule your love life will get you nowhere. As a single man, it’s paramount that you overcome this handicap, and the first step towards doing so is to stop nurturing it. Remove all anxieties from your mind, and walk up to that beauty sitting at the bar. You might find yourself amazed at her response :)

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